Monday, February 18, 2008

Month 11: Hello Great Clips

Daniel's first birthday is right around the corner (three days!) so in preparation, we took him to get his first (real) haircut. We have given him five or six haircuts at home, but this was the first time we took him somewhere "official".

Overall, it was a success - Daniel sat still on the booster seat they provided, and looked adorable with the little drape around his neck. He sat exceptionally still while they sprayed his head and started trimming, and when he did start to squirm, the woman cutting his hair brandished the ultimate weapon: Daniel's first Tootsie Pop. It was love at first sight, and he sat motionless for the rest of the haircut, slurping away at his beloved sucker.

Aside from ignoring my "Don't touch the chops!" plea, his haircut turned out great. His hair grows so fast that I'm sure the chop she completely cut off will grow back soon enough. I got a bunch of cute pics of the occasion, and I'm sure that the haircut will make Daniel's birthday photos that much more socially acceptable. :)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Month 11: Discovery Mode

This month has been packed with all kinds of fun stuff - sledding, roadtrips,new foods, and more trip to the doctor. Our little man has had a rough go at it, health wise, with all the cold/flu junk he seems to pick up from anyone, anywhere, anytime. But even feeling under the weather hasn't deterred him one bit from all kinds of new discoveries...

1. Forts. This kid loves climbing through and under anything, over and over. We've started making forts for him out of pillows and cushions and he adores them - he's even gotten brave enough to climb OVER them, even it mean toppling over the other side. He's fearless. Daniel's also started lifting his knee, in an apparent attempt to climb over whatever's in front of him. The bathtub is the cutest... he tries to climb in... and then tries to climb out.

2. Tip Toes. It may just be the cutest thing I have ever seen - him straining to get as high as possible on his tip toes to look over something, or reach for a stray piece of food. He now goes BACK to his high chair after a meal to peer over the top and snag any last bites of food. (Sounds harmless, but this week I caught him snagging other kids' bites of food off of THEIR high chairs at preschool...)

3. "Uh oh!" It's the newest addition to his vocabulary - and it's priceless. He started saying it by itself, then after he dropped something, then after we dropped something, and now he says it to announce the fact that he's GOING to drop something. I know it should be old by now, but it's still adorable.

4. Tantrums. They have begun. Albeit small, there's no question that we're crossing into new territory with these little fits. Taking a toy away, and especially moving him away from something he wants to get into (toilet, closet, dishwasher... which he learned how to turn on by himself...!) He thrashes his legs and starts screaming - we ignore him and continue to interact calmly, and it's seemed to put a stop to these little episodes, at least for now.

5. Nums Nums. His all time favorite word - and he's had plenty of new num-nums this month. He adores mac & cheese, and is crazy about yogurt. Not the baby kind, but the regular ole yoplait - any flavor. He hears me opening the foil lid and comes streaking over to my chair where he hauls himself up and grabs desperately for the spoon. It's ridiculous how much he loves it. We had a fun family trip to Red Robin where Daniel and I shared an iced tea (he's a wiz with a straw), and shared a Cobb salad - he loves all the topping - avocado, tomato, cheese, chicken, etc. (And of course he shared my dessert too... a really good fruit and yogurt smoothie!)

6. Snow. A quick overnight trip up north to Flagstaff was all it took to turn Daniel into a Snow afficionado. We stayed with family, and went sledding in the morning - Daniel rode on an intertube sled and even a tiny little hill was enough to light up his face with the biggest smile I have ever seen.

Well, the one year mark is fast approaching. Daniel (and each of his 27 pounds) is more adorable every day - I can only imagine what more days (and more pounds) will do to the love I feel for him already!