Saturday, June 02, 2012

The Gift of Music

Grocery shopping with the kiddos continues to be a weekly highlight for me.  They are good helpers and just make everything more interesting.

For example, Daniel has taken to "playing drums" on the wooden stands at Sprouts.  He drums, she dances.  Together they draw quite a bit of attention.  (I really should consider putting a hat out and accepting collections.)

This last time at the store, he just couldn't contain himself.  He drummed on everything he touched, including the the baby changing station, the sink and the paper towel dispenser during our weekly group trip to the big bathroom stall.  (Don't judge me.)

As we walked out of the bathroom, he was still drumming on everything he could touch.  He looked at me and simply said, "I just can't stop, Mommy!" He then assumed a wide stance, spread his arms wide, looked up towards the ceiling (the heavens?) and bellowed, "I HAVE THE GIFT OF MUSIC!!"

A few amused people smile and kept on about their business.  He glanced over his shoulder at me, tossed me that little half smile he does sometimes and said, "What?  I do!"

I love this kid.