Sunday, October 09, 2011

Summer Into Fall (via Facebook...)

Once again a season has passed too quickly!  (Thankfully, in Phoenix, it's the one we WANT to pass quickly!)

As I work to catch up on missed posts, here is an overview of the past few months via facebook posts...

Daniel prayed tonight before dinner these exact words: "Dear Jesus, I really really want to go to Disneyland. Can you help me make a giant rocketship please? Amen."

"Naptime?  i can't take a nap now.  my head hurts and what if i will fall asleep and have a dream about a pokey forest and then i wont be able to turn my head so i wont be able to find my way out of the forest and i'll NEVER see you or daddy again?  that's why i shouldn't take a nap."  

Enjoying a little wee-hours blog surfing on some of my newly neglected old favorites, and this line from one mom just touched me deeply. She had written about "mother guilt" and how we don't understand how well Jesus understands. One of her closing lines: "I just sit here beside the friend of fishermen and tired mothers." Love it.

Daniel: "Daddy, I love being nice to kitty-cats. Kitty-cats are my favorite animal. But I am allergic to tigers."

Irritated with him for something, I said, "First of all, that's not how we act in this house."  He quietly looked up and said, "What's second of all?"

Daniel just asked me to marry him. while I know that he doesn't understand it (as evidenced by his subsequent suggestion that I might marry Violet) it was still sweet :) My cute little Oedipus.

Daniel's had a crick in his neck for a few days. Today, he wakes up, stumbles over to me and says, "Mommy, I can't feel my brain."

Fernando set up Daniels play tent yesterday and apparently Daniel slept in it last night... All night.

The kids were up super early today... Uncharacteristic for both of them. So we had a pancake breakfast on a Thursday :)

My four year old sees the snack I'm making him and says, "Now THAT's what I'm talking about!" and proceeds to point at me, wink and click his tongue. He's FOUR.

The kids wanted to get dressed up to give me a birthday concert. But Daniel got irritated, and the result is the funniest video ever. I love his intense pout the entire time. :)

‎"Honey, there are just some things that need to happen. And there are people who do those things. And I am one of those people." - Fernando, after I walked in on him killing a cricket (all this time I thought he released them outside to go free...)

Sprouts is always more fun with Captain America. A guy in the checkout line shook Daniel's hand and told him to keep up the good work. Daniel nodded solemnly and said "Thank you... I will."

I had company at Sprouts today... Last week was Captain America, this week was Batman. Shopping is so much more fun this way. :)

Thor was very helpful. Lesson to remember: Shopping is more stressful when 1) your 4 year old is carrying a giant foam hammer and 2) he wholeheartedly believes that hammer possesses superhero type qualities.

Ready for THIS? Daniel just tested positive for strep... AGAIN. Trying a different antibiotic, hoping to stop this tennis match soon.

His smile is changing... So grown up. And it's not my smile or Fernando's... It's his own.

Daniel just held up a piece of cheese and then pointed to his mouth. "This side is the good guys side and this other side is the bad guys side. Let's see who gets more cheese."

Me and my baby, at the train park today. Fall is almost here. And by almost I mean: It was still really hot out.

The happiness that Fall brings me is ridiculous. Daniel agrees... we drove to work with windows down, enjoying the cool air and he declared, "This is an AWESOME morning!" Agreed, little man.