Sunday, March 21, 2010

Imagination Train

Daniel's world of invisible play is expanding... rapidly!

He now cooks invisible food (by wildly waving his hands in the air), serves it to us, takes it back to put in his invisible oven so it can cook a while longer. "It's still too hot," he tells us while scrunching his nose.

He has created invisible houses for each of us (color-coded of course, by our assigned favorite colors). We all knock on invisible doors to enter our houses, then hold invisible phones to our ears and talk across the house. Even baby sister has a purple house in the kitchen.

I found him hugging himself and rocking side to side slowly and I asked if he was cold. He said, "No, I not cold. I hugging the baby in my tummy." (He knows that when he was a baby he grew up in my tummy, so I imagine one thing led to another!)

His best friend spent the week on vacation, out of state. He still played with her - the invisible version. They ran through the house together, and he told us she was "right here".

Yesterday during a picnic in the backyard, he extended his open hand to me and said "There you go, Mommy". I asked him what it was, and he said "It's baby Violet." I asked where, and he said, "Right here, on my hand. Here, I will put her in your leg" and proceeded to put invisible Baby Violet on my ankle, under my jeans. Daniel said, "Be gentle with her, Mommy. Like this." And he patted her kindly.

He imagines himself to be different animals, hopping like a frog or crawling like a cat. The other day he met a little girl at church who was pretending to be a puppy. Daniel barked for the next thirty minutes, only responding to me if I addressed him as my puppy.

The imagination burst has been wildly entertaining, but has brought along with it a downside, as well: Daniel's fears are greater, too. He told me yesterday he didn't want to be in the dark, and has frequently complained of characters from his movies being in his room while he's asleep. (Common repeat offenders are Grover, Cookie Monster, Swiper the Fox, and the "purple guy" who we finally figured out was the stapler from a Veggie Tales Silly Song. Go figure.) After the "they only live inside the TV" conversation (and another vow to not let him watch television!) life goes back to normal.

All in all, it's the most fun I've had yet as a parent. It's unpredictable and delightful. And extremely random.

After all, what is more fun than being served an imaginary banquet?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Facebook Fun

I love blogging. But the truth is, it can be time consuming. Facebook is faster, easier, and more people read it. While I understand the need for both, I do hate that Daniel won't be able to read the day to day "funnies" we post on facebook about him.

So, here are just a few of the facebook posts Fernando and I have posted over the past few weeks, in no particular order. Thank for making us laugh, little man!

Fernando Amaro: Should have gone to urgent care...ear ache is killing me...on the lighter side, Carrie and I were just talking in the kitchen and the dryer was going and Daniel runs into the laundry room and shouts "Stop" at the dryer...and the dryer stopped. Freaky.

Fernando Amaro: Went to PF Changs for dinner, Daniel has honey chicken and then during dessert we asked him... "Hey Daniel, where did the chocolate cake go?" and he said "in my mouth and then dooooown to my tummy (insert splash noise) and it see the chicken and say Hi chicken, how are you?". Yes people were staring because we could not stop laughing.

Carrie Fay Amaro: This morning I asked him where his chocolate milk was going and he said, "in my mouth then wheeeee down to my tummy and then the chickies say 'hi chocolate milk' and they have a birthday party." :)

Fernando Amaro: So every night, Daniel tries one or two different ploys to get back up out of bed after it's bed time. Last night's second attempt involved Swiper trying to swipe all of his books...if you don't know who Swiper is, all i can say is, you should feel blessed.

Fernando Amaro: Before bed last night, Daniel asked if he could see the snowman on TV...we had no idea what he was talking about...and then...we realized what he wanted much to our dismay...check out the video!

Carrie Fay Amaro: will have a 3 year old son around 8:45 tonight. Cannot stinking believe how fast it's gone. Happy day, little dude.

Fernando Amaro: Daniel spent his first day in the 3yr olds classroom today and did amazing! He even spelled STOP during circle time! Growing up so fast :(

Carrie Fay Amaro: is AMAZED. Daniel just wrote his own name - letter by letter. Ms. Julie wrote the D for him and he did the rest. When did he learn to write?! He just turned three!!

Fernando Amaro: Daniel just asked Carrie to read to him, not me. "What book did he choose?" you ask.... "Just Like Daddy". The irony is lost on him.

Carrie Fay Amaro: is glad that Daniel loves his new teachers. But last night when I teasingly asked Daniel who his favorite mommy was, he said "Ms. Cynthia". This could be a problem.

Carrie Fay Amaro: Daniel needs a haircut. But we didn't realize how badly until today - on the way home from school, he kept trying to get his hair out of his eyes and proclaiming loudly, "Mommy Daddy - My hair is NOT comfy cozy!"

Fernando Amaro: So, we have a guest over for dinner tonight, a Dinosaur, he wanted eggs, tomatoes and chips for dinner. He also likes to be addressed as "Dinosaur"... "Dinosaur, its time for dinner" "Dinosaur have you seen Daniel?" "Dinosaur, we don't pick our noses." If anyone sees Daniel, let him know there will be a Dinosaur in his bed tonight lol.

Carrie Fay Amaro: thinks it's hilarious that after watching too much Dora over the past few weeks, Daniel now narrates his path through the house... "I go through the door... then over the sock... then through the chairs... then over the kitty..."

Fernando Amaro: Took Daniel to buy some stuff for Violet and some donations for the orphanage. I had 5 different boxes of diapers in my cart for all different ages/sizes. I got some comments but my favorite was, "Oh honey, bless your heart, diapers have different sizes, you can't just mix and match and I think your little boy may be a... little old... for these." I counted to ten, smiled, said thank you, and walked away.

Carrie Fay Amaro: loves Daniel's imagination. But we may have crossed a line. Here's what I heard from the backseat tonight, on the way home: "Mommy, I have a boogar. Let's tell a story. 'Once upon a time, there was a boogar named Frank. He wanted to get some food, so he crossed the road.' "