Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When The Rubber Meets The Road

Daniel loves cars. He especially loves OUR cars, and riding in them. Currently we have two cars: Frank (Grampa's Intrepid) and The Queen (our blue minivan).

Both are boy cars, according to Daniel. (Don't try to explain that "The Queen" should be a girl... it's a useless argument and a pure waste of your energy.)

We listen to a lot of music in both cars, but each has a different song selection. And Daniel is becoming a connoisseur of music, declaring (loudly) "I like this song!" every time one of his favorites comes on. Which is about every other songs. Some days, he claims them: "This is my song. I like it."

In related news: We also have dance parties in the car. Frequently.

Often we race getting the kids into their car seats. It's fun for us and keeps the kiddos entertained instead of squirming to get out. No matter who wins, Daniel inevitably solves the conflict: "How 'bout we BOTH won!"

And it seems that being strapped into car seats forces some fun interactions between the kids too - it's harder to be mean when you can't even touch your sister. In car seat mode, Daniel's a little parent to her: He makes her ask nicely for things (which toy she wants to hold). He shares well with her (probably because we are 1.5 feet away and watching). He often holds her hand just for fun or to comfort her.

And my favorite is this: He has begun translating for her. "Mommy, Violet says she wants agua." "Daddy, Violet and I are hungry." "Mommy, Violet wants to get out of her car seat." "Daddy, we love you - Violet and I love you."

I already have so many fond memories of us, as a family of four, in the car together.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Fah-Let & AstroBoy

Our lives lately:

1) Daniel thinks he is Astroboy. And not just in a "let's pretend every now and then" kind of way. He thinks he IS Astroboy. And we're going on week three of this phase.

He only wants to be called Astroboy, or SOMETIMES Toby (Astroboy's human name). His teachers at school and on the weekends have given up trying to convince him otherwise, so all of his art projects and name tags come home with "Astroboy" written on them.

He thinks that all of the buildings we pass are "Metro City" and he continually jumps around and spins because of his "ion blasters". And if he wants you to be evil or good, he'll lift your shirt and change your battery accordingly.

Last week we wanted him to wear some shoes he didn't really want to wear. We succeeded only because we told them they were just like Astroboy's shoes. Now all three pairs of shoes he is currently rotating are also Astroboy's shoes. :) Hey... if the shoe fits.

This photo is from Halloween... he fulfilled his dream and became Astroboy with the help of Daddy's handmade "armor"! He wasn't a fan of the hair gel required to hold his hair up though.

2) Daniel... I mean, Astroboy... has also become QUITE the artist. We used to have to bribe him to even consider coloring with crayons or markers and now he delights in it - for hours at a time, sometimes. He suddenly colors well, too - in the lines, solid patches, etc. It makes me wish I could include color photography in this blog!

Currently everything is colored with every possible color in order to make it "beautiful". Thanks to a story that Daddy made up for Daniel about how the Macaw got its colors, unless an item has two or more colors, it is not beautiful.

3) He and Violet are learning the finer details in the negotiation of rough-play. Subtleties too quick and discreet for Mom & Dad to notice. They are becoming skilled siblings.

4) Daniel has a unique way of saying her name - he leaves the "V" off completely. "Fah-let!!" We have tried to correct it, but it's just the way it is right now. He is usually yelling her name too - either to come play with him, or to stop doing something. FAH LET!

Life is fun. :)