Friday, January 29, 2010

Combing... No Way!

I picked Daniel up from school today like usual, but found a very unusual site: His hair was combed into a perfect part, slicked down on both sides. He kept looking at himself in the mirror, as if he didn't recognize himself.

His teacher laughed it off, dismissively saying something like "Well, he never has his hair done so I thought I'd show him what it was like to have it combed!"

All in good fun, but honestly it kind of ticked me off. Daniel has a crazy head of crazy beautiful hair. And we love to let it be... crazy. He has his whole life to comb his hair... only a few more years of a wild youthful insane mane.

As soon as we got home, we "fixed it" by messing it up, and chanting mantra style, "Only Mommy, Daddy, Daniel can fix my hair! No thank you teacher! I like crazy hair!"

That night in the shower, we styled a GIANT mohawk of soapy goodness to make sure the balance in the universe had been restored.

(And speaking of showers... Daniel has been loving showers and bubble baths recently. He pretends to swim, doesn't mind having his hair washed, spells with his bath letters, repeatedly drowns Mr. Potato Head, and loves to be wrapped in a big towel at the end like a "Daniel baby". He also discovered the "raisins" on his fingertips recently and wanted to know if he could eat them.)

Tonight he asked me to take pictures of him wrapped in the towel... I LOVE that he has started to recognize "photo" moments and request the camera!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It's Christmas Time In Texas...

Just a little shout out to any George Strait Christmas album fans. Old school.

Back to the point: Daniel's third Christmas included Christmas Eve in Arizona, followed by a fabulous 10 day trip to the Farm, complete with family, cows, bean bag chickens, crazy bubble baths, giant gingerbread houses, buggy rides, golf cart rides, plastic food love, mud puddles, tractors and a visit from Santa himself.

And since I waited until MAY to write about it, I will let the photos do the story telling. (What? Don't look at me like that. Sometimes you HAVE to post-date entries or you'll never stay on top of things. Don't judge.)