Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where We've Been...

Months have slipped by, months full of well intentioned blog notes and drafts.  Drafts that I am STILL determined to see through to fruition (just let me dream, ok?).  Drafts that are bursting at the seams with life changes and vacation adventures and salty oceans and old farms and my sweet boy growing up day by day by day by day.

A family blog is in the works, one that can contain everything I want to say... about Daniel, about Violet, about homeschool, about new recipes, about random thoughts, about marriage, about styling Violet's hair and just about anything else that comes our way.  But these things take a bit of time (and the know-how to re-direct domains...) so patience has become my friend yet again.

I'll post one sweet little moment though, before heading off to finish one of those aforementioned drafts, of our first day of homeschool.  It was two days ago.  I wasn't feeling like posting anything celebratory on THAT day (first days of homeschool aren't necessarily easy, I'm finding out) but after a wildly successful day #2, I edited a photo.  Because that's how I celebrate.

My babies, on their first day of our next adventure: