Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Kid, The Comic

All parents like to tell stories about their kiddos.  And most of the parents' friends smile politely and tolerate the stories.  No need to kid ourselves... we all know it happens. 

Lately, though, I have had some pretty good Daniel stories to tell.  Between the "no more bootie swats" New Year's prayer and his brand new fondness towards Knock Knock jokes (read: interrupting cow), it's just been one good laugh after another.  

The way he phrases things are just as funny as the actual things.  "Did you notice" is a frequent one now ("Mommy, did you notice that Violet is eating her boogars?"), as is "Of course" ("Of course I am not eating MY boogars, that is disgusting.  Can we say disgusting?").  

While we're in the "Daniel is a funny guy" mood, here are five of my favorite recent Mr. D incidents (courtesy of my facebook page):

1.  Favorite Daniel quote from the zoo yesterday, as his friend panicked about a nearby bumblebee:  "Don't worry, the bee is gone!  He just noticed you are a giant!"

2.  Watching Snow White for the first time with the kids.  Daniel is fixated on Grumpy.  "Why is Grumpy so angry?  Will he change his attitude and be nice to Snow White?  Once he IS nice, will his name change to Happy?"  Good point, I guess.

3.  Yesterday Daniel suddenly yelled, "Mommy!  Cover your ears and close your eyes!!"  I did as he asked, and heard him cut a big one.  Intentionally or unintentionally, he had left vulnerable the only thing that actually needed protection:  My nose.

4.  Daniel:  "Can we put Violet's hair back the other way?  You know, the way God made it?  With rainbow beads?"

5.  What do you call people on swings?  We need a new term.  Because I accidentally yelled "WATCH OUT FOR THE SWINGERS!!" to Daniel at the (very crowded) public park yesterday.  True story.

Life just gets funnier every day.  Which is exactly the way we like it.  

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