Friday, February 17, 2012

Disneyland Surprise

Fernando and I are "surprise" kind of people.  We love surprising each other (a la romantic date nights, little funny notes, or baby doll hands hidden in the mayo... don't ask...) and apparently this has transferred into a love of surprising our kids.  The Reveal is nearly as fun as the actual surprise.

So when we decided to take them to Disneyland, we knew it had to be a fun reveal.  We started with a puzzle of the most beloved piece of Disney architecture: Sleeping Beauty's castle.  But then we divided up each piece into it's own envelope, labeled with a number and hidden throughout the house.  The kids raced through the house place by place as I read them rhyming riddles I had drafted (no idea where THAT paper ended up).

They collected the pieces, assembled the puzzle, and figured it out rather quickly.  There were periods of elated screams and jumping followed by periods of stunned silence.  It was fabulous.

Fernando created an adorable checklist for the refrigerator of "days left" until Disneyland, and with that, we began "Disney Indoctrination 2012".  After so carefully withholding stereotypical princess movies from my sweet little lady, we threw caution to the wind and introduced her to Arial, Belle, Tiana, Aurora, Snow White and Cinderella.  The kids laughed their tails off to old Mickey/Goofy/Donald shorts, and we all just kind of fell into a ridiculously fun Disney coma.  

Disneyland is a fun place no matter who you are.  But I have a pretty good feeling that this trip is gonna be one for the books.  Or, blog, as it were.

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