Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Cupcakes for Daddy

Since transitioning from full time out-of-the-home work to part time, I have enjoyed more time with just the kiddos.  I could write hundreds of blog posts about the things we are learning about our family just as a result of this switch, but for today I'll keep it simple:  Cupcakes are fun.

We all agree:  
The eggs are fun to crack, 
the butter is fun to melt, 
the batter is fun to mix, 
the spoon is fun to lick, 
the oven is fun to watch, 
the frosting is fun to prepare, 
the decorations are fun to sprinkle 
and the final product is fun to eat!  

But maybe the MOST fun came from the motivation behind the cupcakes:  A treat for our hard-working man-of-the-house.  And our man-of-the-house does work very, very hard.  I know it, and so do the kids.  They love talking about how much they love him, how he works hard and makes good choices at work so we'll have food to eat and a place to stay.  They love creating gifts and artwork for him, and eagerly anticipate his arrival home from work. 

And today, a sweet treat (and a texted photo of what was waiting on the kitchen counter!) was just the thing to get him through a stressful afternoon.  

Win, all around.  

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