Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Professional Dream Killer

Weeks ago in our parenting Bible study, we read a portion that warned parents against imposing their own career ideals and goals on their kiddos.  We kind of patted ourselves on the back, agreeing that hadn't done this and truthfully had no opinions about our kids' future careers.  It's that silent self-congratulatory attitude that parents get right before they get smacked in the face.

Yesterday, over dinner, Daniel declared that he would like to be a construction worker.

And suddenly, just like that, it turns out that I DO have an opinion about these things.  Moms tend to develop opinions when their sons make declarations like these.

Fernando and I exchanged furtive glances across the table.

"Honey, do you mean that you want to draw the design and tell people what to do?"  (Look at me.  Hoping for a promotion in the career my son doesn't even have.  I should win some kind of award for this fabulous parenting.  And by fabulous, I mean terrible.  I am not proud of this blog post.)

"Nope!  I want to be a construction WORKER.  And build candy stores.  And giant cars.  Not little ones with my legos."  And then in case I hadn't heard him, he sounded it out, "CON-STRU-CTION-WOR-KER."

More furtive glances between me and Fernando.  The kind that silently agreed to funnel a bit more money into our retirement accounts because THIS kid wasn't gonna be able to support us in our old age.

Time to revisit that Bible study chapter, I'd say.

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