Friday, December 30, 2011

Coloring for Jesus

When Daniel wants to give you the best gift possible, he draws something for you.  It's his greatest expression of love, and when he is overwhelmed with gratitude, he rushes to the dining room table and draws a machine, or a robot, with your name on it.

And today, his gratitude was for Jesus.

"Mommy, Do you know who is bigger than EVERYTHING?  Jesus.  Do you know who is stronger than EVERYTHING?  Jesus.  And do you know who I love more than ANYTHING?  Jesus.  Because he is everyone's shepherd.  He is the shepherd to everyone.  But we are not the sheep that say baaa-baaa.  We are not animals.  But he takes care of us.  I'm going to draw him a cake."  

And that he did.  Every piece meaningful and intentional, the cake took form slowly.  When he got the "s" backwards, he tried to convince me it was supposed to be a "5" because he was almost 5.  Smooth.  When he listed random names of people Jesus loved, Dash (from the Incredibles) made the list because that's what we were watching at the time.

He showed his masterpiece to Violet afterwards, who watched with rapt attention, like a good little sister.  She even asked questions, allowing him to do his absolute favorite thing in the world:  Tell you even MORE about the drawing he just completed.

I'm certain that whatever gifts Jesus received this year, Daniel's offering was the most precious.  

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