Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mr. Angry Tuxedo

So, Daniel doesn't like wearing a suit.  I found this out the morning of his Christmas preschool play.  He sobbed.  He whined.  He looked at me with the most pathetic brown eyes I have ever seen.  But I made him wear it.

And perhaps partially out of defiance and partially out of stage fright, he rebelled.  He decided not to make one move.  The songs he has been singing for weeks... not one word.  The moves he has been practicing... not one finger lifted.  He quietly resolved to stand stock still for twenty minutes, and succeeded.  Nothing but steady eye contact and an emotionless face.

It was maybe the cutest thing I have ever seen.

As soon as it was done, in the "after party" in the classroom, he was completely fine.  Happy, energetic, answering questions about why he didn't dance or sing with a simple, "I decided to just stand still."

He played on the playground for a few minutes in his suit, and which made for some cute photos.  (The suit is filthy dirty now though, which is a small price to pay for photos.)

I will cherish this memory forever, and will try to keep myself from playing the video of the performance to all of Daniel's friends as he gets older.  No guarantees though... it's a pretty cute video.

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