Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Superhero Christmas

Daniel had a pretty stinkin' good Christmas.  Until about 5 p.m. in the afternoon.  And you'll just have to read the next post for those details because I am NOT writing it out again.

Here's how the day started:  Eating.  Lots of eating.  We do a traditional food line up, starting with Pull-Apart Cake followed shortly by breakfast burritos.  Daniel was a fan of both.

The presents were plentiful, thanks to tons of family members and friends who love spoiling our kiddos.  Mema, Papa and TK slept over on Christmas Eve night, and Mr. David, Quito and Uncle Chris joined us on Christmas Day.  I love my house every day, but I REALLY love it when it's brimming with family.  

Daniel's "big" present from us was the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots game.  He had asked for a machine/robot and this is as close as we could come.  In retrospect, I didn't realize how loud it was.  Fun, though!

His most played with toy so far has been a simple super hero outfit - cape and mask.  He turns into "Super Saver" and, well, saves the city.

His giant cardboard robot was warmly received, too, to say the least. He started coloring it AND camping out in it.

After a full day of playing, napping, eating (and barfing...!) Daniel sacked out quickly by our Christmas evening backyard fire.  Not that we minded - both Fernando and I enjoyed a few minutes of holding a sleeping not-so-little baby.  

We took down our decorations the next day, ready to move on to January.  We have had a LOT of Christmas over the past two months.  It has been amazing, and chock full of memories.  I'll leave you with this...

... the sweet little tree I have had for years (decades?) and Daniel decided to decorate it for me this year.  Homemade ornaments, little drawings, stickers, paper clips and a toy string of lights.  Christmas has never looked better!  

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